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Exploring is a career awareness program offered by local businesses and government agencies to give youth, from 6th grade - 20 years old, hands-on experience in career fields of their choice. Exploring is about helping young adults make a more informed decision about future careers and determine if a particular career is the right one for them. The five areas of emphasis include career opportunities, leadership experience, life skill development, citizenship, and character education. If you have questions about a particular field, contact the person listed or Carla Johnson, Exploring and Learning for Life Team Leader, 720.266.2140.

Become an Explorer Today!

If you are a male or female between 14 and 20 years old, you can get started in Exploring today! Simply visit our Career Fields page and decide which Explorer Posts you are interested in. Then start your registration process by completing this short questionairre. Don't see the career field you are interested in? Let us know through the Career Interest Survey.

Middle School Clubs are starting across the Denver Area this year! If your Middle School is interested in starting a club, contact an Exploring Executive at 720.266.2140.

Exploring News

Exploring's 5 Areas of Emphasis

  1. Career Opportunities
    Real Word Career Experiences Through Hands On Activities
  2. Leadership Experience
    Leadership Skills Employers Crave
  3. Life Skill Development
    Conflict-resolution, Problem Solving, Relationship Skills
  4. Citizenship
    Learn the Democratic Process and Respect for Others Through Service Learning
  5. Character Education
    Ethical Decision Making

Start an Explorer Post

The Denver Area Council is always looking to expand the career fields available through Exploring. If your company would like to give back to the community in a meaningful way- get involved in Exploring! Contact an Exploring Executive to find out more.

  • Cultivate future employees
  • Prepare young adults for transition from school to work
  • Develop future responsible and caring adults
  • Improve staff teamwork working on common goals outside of normal work
  • Contribute visibly to the welfare of the community

Unable to dedicate the time and manpower to starting an Explorer Post? Make a donation to support an Explorer Post or event!

Donate Now to Denver Exploring Support Youth Exploring

In 2014 the Denver Area Council served approximately 1,500 youth Explorers in 62 Explorer Posts and Clubs. Our Youth Scholarship Program provided $13,000 in funding to ensure all interested youth were able to participate in a career program of their choice. Help us reach our goal in 2015 by serving 2,000 youth and providing leadership, character development, civic engagement, life-skills, and work readiness through Exploring in Metro Denver.

You can make a difference by donating today! 

  • Support an Explorer for $100
  • Support an Explorer Post for $650
  • Support a Career Awareness Special Event for $1,000
    Denver After Dark
    Adventure Day
    Fishing Derby
    STEAM Summer Camp

Carla Johnson
Team Leader

Calin Sterling
Learning for Life & Exploring Executive
District 2

Francesca Becerra 
Learning for Life & Exploring Executive
District 3

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